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When my husband and I took a personality test during our premarital counseling, it confirmed what we already knew to be true: we are exact opposites in many areas. He is exceedingly extroverted, and I am incredibly introverted. He is a visionary, and I am detail oriented. He comes alive after 9:00 p.m., just when I’m ready for bed. On vacation, I prefer to balance physical activities with reading, but he wants to squeeze in every possible hike, kayak, and museum, which means I often return from vacation happy but exhausted. As anyone who knows us would attest, my husband and I have had our share of conflict during the past twenty-six years.

Some of the conflict can be attributed to our personality differences and some to our sinful natures, but the bulk originates from the expectations we unwittingly brought into our marriage. And after over twenty years of doing ministry work together, I don’t think our experience is unique. Most couples have to work through their different expectations.

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