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Every few years I read a book that challenges me to the core and makes me question my integrity as a follower of Jesus. Redeeming Ruth is one such book.

My most familiar confession is: God forgive me for not fully trusting you and for hoarding my time. Because this is my reality, I lack the courage (and sufficient faith) to even consider adopting a special needs child. Thankfully, author Meadow Rue Merrill and her family exhibit both courage and faith.

In Redeeming Ruth, Merrill deftly recounts the adventures and the heartbreaks of adopting Ruth, a special needs child from Uganda. Her brilliant writing steers clear of sentimentality and religiosity, allowing the powerfully redemptive story to speak for itself.

From an early age, Merrill dreamed of a life that included marriage, a career in journalism, multiple biological children, and one adopted child from Africa. As she was giving birth to her their first daughter, another baby was born—and shortly thereafter abandoned—in Kampala, Uganda. Almost 18 months later, this frail little girl was sent to the states for medical treatment. Merrill’s friends happened to be hosting Ruth during her treatments. From the moment Meadow and her husband held Ruth one Sunday morning, they both sensed she was the fulfillment of Meadow’s dream.

But God-inspired dreams seldom play out like Hallmark specials.

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