When a married couple pursues Christ together does it change the DNA of their marriage? Hopefully, yes.

I know many couples with no connection to organized religion who have wonderful, healthy marriages. They are good communicators, strong advocates for each other and kind. This is by no means an attempt to diminish them or put forth that Christian marriages are categorically better. I don’t believe that.

I do believe that when a couple who follows Jesus decides to get married, they enter into a sacred covenant, the purpose of which is to transform them into Christ’s likeness and usher God’s kingdom onto the earth (Matthew 6:9-15). Thus, their marriage should be characterized and governed by several unique attributes.

Christian marriages reference a profound spiritual reality: the joining together of Christ (symbolizing heaven) and the Church (symbolizing earth). The importance of marriage is upheld throughout Scripture. In fact, marriages bookend the Bible. The first one takes place between Adam and Eve and the last one between the risen Jesus Christ who has come to claim His bride, the worldwide body of believers.

We seldom ponder these mysteries as we promise our lives to each other but if we did, we would waken to a deeper dimension.

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