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Months before my tenth anniversary, I began to daydream about our upcoming celebratory getaway. My husband and I would eat dinners by candlelight, give each other extravagant presents, walk along the beach, and of course make love each night. As Christopher has learned, I’m fluent in all five love languages, and on important events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, I want to experience as many as possible. When the weekend finally arrived, I was nearly giddy as we drove away.

That lasted about three hours. I was so eager to receive his gift that not long after we settled into the bed-and-breakfast, I suggested we exchange presents. He slid his hand into his bag and pulled out – wait for it – a card and a pen and sat down to write. On the day of our anniversary. I watched him and thought, Ten years wasn’t enough time to prepare for this date? My giddiness morphed into anxiety.

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