Amazon has 101 pages of marriage books. At 12 books per page, surely hasn’t everything that could be said on this topic, already been said?

Maybe. But maybe not.

Prior to and in the process of writing Making Marriage Beautiful, I read approximately twenty-five marriage books. That’s about one for every year of my marriage. Lots of great things have been written. Lots of helpful, insightful things. (My two favorites are Mike Mason’s The Mystery of Marriage and Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage in case you were wondering.)

I write this with fear and trembling, but, I think my book really is unique. Here’s why.

1. Very few marriage books that address men and women are written by women. Men are awesome. Men are wonderful. However, men don’t know everything there is to know about marriage. Rest assured, my book does not exclude men or the male perspective. My husband weighs in frequently and I invited eight couples to share insights from their marriages.

2. Making Marriage Beautiful is incredibly vulnerable but not inappropriate. If you squirm, it will be due to conviction, not TMI. Christopher and I have always felt called to live transparently. This is seldom easy and we would not have it any other way.

3. It’s not prescriptive. There are no simplistic formulas that we can follow. No ten steps to the most awesome marriage ever. If anyone tries to convince you of this, don’t believe them. I don’t try to solve your problems. Instead, I tell stories and open-heartedly share what’s worked for us.

4. Making Marriage Beautiful is grounded in reality but filled with hope. This book does not advise you to grit your teeth and hold on until Jesus comes back. It also avoids cliches and sentimentality. Because Christopher and I have been married for 25 years and spent twenty of those years walking with other couples, I’m writing about real issues, real hurts, real life. And yet, it’s incredibly hopeful. Not because I’m such a brilliant writer but because God is good and it’s his nature to redeem broken things. Even marriages.

5.Everything, and I do mean everything, is rooted in orthodox Christianity. I am not a professional theologian. However, I have been a faithful, devoted follower of Christ for more than 30 years. My goal was to reference and rely upon the power of the cross for every chapter.

This is my first book. I am of course equal parts thrilled and terrified as the release date inches closer. As a first-time author, there’s significant pressure to sell this book. You can help me get the word out by doing an Amazon review and posting a photo of you with the book on social media. (Please tag me if you do post or if you share this. You’ll be entered to win a free autographed copy and two custom mugs!)

Blessings as you make your own marriage beautiful.

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